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Skydive St. Louis

Parachute St. Louis is a specialized group of skydiving instructors that provide personalized and customized skydiving instruction at a number of St. Louis area skydiving centers.

The instructors at Parachute St. Louis have decades of skydiving and instructional experience and enjoy teaching new students the exciting sport of skydiving. It doesn't matter if you learn to skydive by yourself or are group of ten. Parachute St. Louis instructors will make you feel as if you are the most important person on the airport.

How It Works

By partnering you or your group with the right skydiving instructors and right skydiving center in the St. Louis area, we can provide a customized and efficient training environment. When you call us, we can schedule and arrange skydiving instruction at one of the local St. Louis skydiving centers on your behalf, and can bring together the facilities and resources to make your skydiving instruction easy.

Through constant communication we can often circumvent some of the issues that make skydiving instruction difficult to arrange. (The only thing that we cannot control is the weather, but through effective communication we can minimize the delays caused by bad weather, and can suggest times to make your skydives that will increase the likelyhood of good weather.)

A new way to learn how to skydive:
personalized skydiving instruction

Parachute St. Louis is looking for serious skydiving students, and has the resources to turn you into an experienced and certified skydiver in the shortest period of time and for the least amount of money.

Parachute St. Louis provides skydiving instruction for the metro St. Louis area, as well as skydiving in Missouri, and skydiving in Illinois.

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